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On one of the oldest brands in the tobacco market - Chesterfield Cigarettes - says Managing Brand Group unit of Russian companies Philip Morris Evgenia Churbanov.
- When a brand Chesterfield Cigarettes?
- Mark Chesterfield Cigarettes has been bred on the American market in 1912. At that time, they were without a cigarette filter. Successfully competing with other popular American brands, until the end of 40 - x Chesterfield Cigarettes was one of the most cigarette brands sold in the United States. But Chesterfield Cigarettes filter appeared on sale only in 1965, when cigarette with a filter already owned more than half the American market.
- When Mark was born in Russia?
- Chesterfield Cigarettes came on the market in our country in the early 90 - ies. Then there was the sale of imported cigarettes. But in autumn 1994 the production of this brand in St. Petersburg. Now all versions of Chesterfield Cigarettes sold in Russia, the factory produces Philip Morris Izhora "in the Leningrad region.
- How positioned mark, and who is the target audience?
- Chesterfield Cigarettes positioned in the middle price ranges as high-quality, a unique brand of cigarettes with a rich and full-bodied taste. This brand especially popular among consumers aged 20-30 years - most of them residents of large cities with middle-income level and above.
Chesterfield Cigarettes target audience - people who approached life in each of its manifestation creatively, think uncommon. They know how to find each habitual action and no sort of feature nuance that gives taste of life and diversity. Waiver of a cliche, generally accepted trends, the desire to set their own rules, a bright personality and innovative approach - all smokers are distinguished from other consumers Chesterfield Cigarettes.
- How would build brand advertising concept development?
- initially supported Chesterfield Cigarettes brand advertising campaign "Chesterfield Cigarettes - American classics, and this is not a coincidence, because this marks a nearly century-old history.
And in 1998, the company began to change the image of brands, adapting it to the increasingly demanding Russian consumer. We have to use the images and unconventional approaches to the selection of advertising.
For example, Chesterfield Cigarettes became, in fact, the first tobacco brand in the Russian market, communication platform which is based on a story not so much about the brand, but the main component of cigarettes - tobacco and its species. The main objective of the ad campaign Chesterfield Cigarettes - shape the image of the international cigarette brand created for true connoisseurs of quality tobacco. Hence our slogan: "A soft golden tobacco Chesterfield Cigarettes."
- What are the advertisements you used?
- The print media and outdoor advertising remain the priority channels for conveying information about the brand. When advertising in the print media, we have been using non-traditional advertising formats. For example, laying in thick glossy magazines have been developed and implemented in the Russian market print media for the first time.
- Have any promotions?
- In 2001, we organized a competition ChestARTfield in which activities were conducted with the participation of bands and competitions graffiti. A year later, in Moscow and St. Petersburg club concerts are held in the framework of the project "StandArt Chesterfield Cigarettes. One ticket to Underground" with the participation of alternative musicians with distinct personality from around the world. Finally, a good tradition has been holding annual festivals of ethnic music, "What etNo?" in the territory of Moscow's Garden "Hermitage." This musical marathon includes musicians, speakers from different countries, different beliefs and musical directions, but relevant to what are called fashionable word "ethnic". Moreover, as recently as April this year, was held promotional campaign "Music to your taste," during which the consumer invited to listen to songs of the three different areas of music - alternative, rock and ethnic - and choose which of those areas it is closer . By filling in the coupon and fulfilling the conditions specified in the rules of party received the direction of music disc.
- What are the results of recent advertising campaign Chesterfield Cigarettes?
- According to the independent marketing research agency "Business Analysis", in June 2004, the market share Chesterfield Cigarettes brands was 2.1%, exceeding the figures for the same period last year at 0.4%.

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