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No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day
No Smoking Day is taking place on March 12th this year and Infertility Network UK has pledged its support for the campaign.

According to the charity, male smokers tend to have lower sperm counts and a greater proportion of abnormal sperm.

Meanwhile, female smokers tend to give birth to lower birth weight babies and are more likely to have a miscarriage or premature labour.

Infertility Network UK is urging couples who hope to conceive to stop smoking in order to improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Spokeswoman Susan Seenan commented: 'Stopping smoking is probably the most important single thing that you and your partner can do for you and

your baby's health and will help improve your chances of conceiving.'

The expert noted: 'Many PCTs (primary care trusts) will now only provide fertility treatment to couples who are non-smokers due to the impact

smoking can have on the success rates and the adverse effects on the health of any babies.


The best Chesterfield Cigarettes

Chesterfield Cigarettes have a very rich and interesting history. Chesterfield cigarettes were primary manufactured and sold in 1883 by the Drummond Tobacco Company of St. Louis, Missouri in the United States. They were later prepared by the Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company who later sold it to the Phillip Morris Company who is now under the umbrella of the Altria Group. They have a flavor that includes the three things that a smoker wants most such as great taste, cooler smoke and a mild flavor that is enticing to every smoker both male and female.
At One time, Chesterfield was One of the three most smoked trademarks of Cigarettes in the United States. The non-Filtered version is known for being very strong.For many years Chesterfield Cigarettes were produced by the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company. Chesterfield was the preferred brand of James Dean, who was known to be a heavy smoker, often taking in around 2 packs a day. Chesterfield was also the preferred brand of Humphrey Bogart (and contributed to his death from throat cancer at the age of 57), and Lucille Ball. Chesterfield was the brand of choice for famous college football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, who liked to smoke underneath the goalpost prior to a game and continued to puff away as he prowled the sidelines once the game started. Current NCAA strategy forbid the use of tobacco by any on-field personnel. A stolen carton of Chesterfields was featured in Jim Jarmusch's film Stranger Than Paradise. Chesterfields were featured in Tony Scott's film True Romance. Chesterfield was featured as the sponsor on some of the Dragnet radio series. In the 1960's, print ads for Chesterfield featured color photographs of 4 smokers from various walks of life with the headline "Chesterfield People: They like a mild smoke, but they don't like Filters." In the late 1960's, when other trademarks brought out Extra-long 100 millimeter length Cigarettes, Chesterfield exposed its own version under the brand name 101. The name came from the fact that it was 101 millimeters in length, 1 millimeter longer than its participants. That fact was the base for it’s advertise slogan "a silly millimeter longer", which was used in TV commercials sung to the tune of the popular Ritchie Valens song "La Bamba". In the 20th century, the Chesterfield cigarette trademark was one of the most distinguished in the world and one of the three most smoked cigarettes. Chesterfield was a favorite of Hollywood immense such as Lucille Ball, James Dean and Humphrey Bogart along with other well-known names both on the silver screen and the television. They put out a special red Christmas Edition pack of cigarettes that symbolized the international love for the Chesterfield brand.
The Chesterfield brand name was very involved in American society in the early 20th century and until the new laws banned the tobacco industry from many forms of advertising. Chesterfield sponsored many early Radio and Television Shows such as Glenn Miller’s Radio Show and early editions of Dragnet and Gunsmoke. The cigarettes were also featured in several popular movies, but now that the laws have limited them you might not see them very often any more.
Chesterfield cigarettes are suggested in a diversity of styles both filtered and unfiltered. The unfiltered style is not as common and is a little hard to find today simply because the demand for them is not very large. It is called the Chesterfield Regular Non Filter and is packaged in the traditional white packaging with the Chesterfield logo splashed across the front of the package.
The filtered styles produced in the Ukraine include the following: Chesterfield Classic Red, Classic Blue (Light) and Classic Bronze (Ultra Light). These are all packaged in a King Sized, white, flip top box with the traditional Chesterfield logo on the front of the box. They are also available in soft packs but the soft packs are not as popular with the smokers.
Chesterfield Cigarettes produced in Russia are sold under the following names: Chesterfield, Chesterfield Lights, and Chesterfield Ultra Lights with packaging styles that compliment the similar styles produced in the Ukraine.
A song named "Chesterfield King" by Jawbreaker is named after this brand. It remains a popular brand in Europe.

Taxation of cigarettes

Cigarettes are an important resource of tax revenue in many localities. This fact has historically been an obstacle for health groups seeking to discourage cigarette smoking, since governments seek to maximize tax revenues. In addition, some countries have made cigarettes a state monopoly, which has the same effect on the position of government officials outside the health field. In the United States, the states partly determine the rate of cigarette taxes, and states where tobacco is a significant farm product tend to tax cigarettes least. It has been shown that higher prices for cigarettes discourage smoking. Every 10 percent raise in the price of cigarettes reduced youth smoking by about seven percent and overall cigarette utilization by about four percent. Thus increased cigarette taxes are proposed as a means to reduce smoking.In the UK, many people now illegally import cigarettes, or buy those illegally imported, due to the increasing tax. A packet is less than half the price in some other countries, making illegal importers a large profit, while still providing comparatively very cheap cigarettes. The average price for 20 legal cigarettes is £5.20, while imported packs are sold for less than £3; this is due to the fact that the large majority of the sale price of a legitimate pack is tax.