No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day
No Smoking Day is taking place on March 12th this year and Infertility Network UK has pledged its support for the campaign.

According to the charity, male smokers tend to have lower sperm counts and a greater proportion of abnormal sperm.

Meanwhile, female smokers tend to give birth to lower birth weight babies and are more likely to have a miscarriage or premature labour.

Infertility Network UK is urging couples who hope to conceive to stop smoking in order to improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Spokeswoman Susan Seenan commented: 'Stopping smoking is probably the most important single thing that you and your partner can do for you and

your baby's health and will help improve your chances of conceiving.'

The expert noted: 'Many PCTs (primary care trusts) will now only provide fertility treatment to couples who are non-smokers due to the impact

smoking can have on the success rates and the adverse effects on the health of any babies.

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