Chesterfield Cigarettes Ads

Chesterfield Cigarettes were named after Chesterfield County, Virginia, as this region has always been heavily associated with tobacco industry. Chesterfields have always been popular since they appeared on the market. There was a historical period when Chesterfield Cigarettes actually went into the Top 3 list of the most popular cigarette brands in the United States of America. These days Chesterfield Cigarettes are produced by Philip Morris USA. They are still popular because of their low price (the manufacturer positions them on the market as a discount brand) and very strong historical roots the brand possesses. Two varieties of Chesterfield Cigarettes are currently available on the market: the filtered and the non-filtered versions. The last are very strong indeed and only very experienced smokers and those who like harsh taste like the non-filtered Chesterfields. Chesterfield Cigarettes is well known for its popularity with various celebrities. Among them are James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and Lucille Ball. They smoked as much as up to 2 packs a day. Chesterfield Cigarettes have also been mentioned in the Stranger Than Paradise movie by Jim Jarmusch (the carton of Chesterfield was actually the main object of the scenario). A famous music band – Jawbreaker – has devoted one of their songs to Chesterfield cigarettes. The single is called Chesterfield King. In the sixties, Chesterfield Cigarettes were heavily marketed as "mild". That was a doubtful message as the non-filtered cigarettes can hardly ever be called mild, but the main slogan of the 1960's Chesterfield Cigarettes advertising campaign announced: "Chesterfield People: They like a mild smoke, but they don't like filters."

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